Hydraulic Compression Machines

Hydraulic Compression Machines

Hydraulic Compression Head

This crimping unit is particularly light and convenient to use. It is equipped with "flat face" hydraulic fittings, which prevent dirt to intrude into the hydraulic system. It has a double acting hydraulic cylinder with very fast pressing cycle and highest reliability.

description  100 ton  200 ton
die set for steel compression HCD-01-0100 HDC-01-0200
die set for al. compression HCD-02-0100 HCD-02-0200


part no.


part no.

compression force
operating pressure in bar max. exterior dia.
of compression
max. stroke
HCH-01-0100 77-7400CE 100 700 71 24 33
HCH-01-0200 77-7500CE 200 700 90 33 98




Hydraulic Power Unit 700 bar for Compression Head

This is a strong and reliable Power Unit with integrated valve control unit. Same as the Hydraulic Compression Head, it is equipped with "flat face" quick action coupling for prevention of dirt intrusion.

part no. ZECK GmbH part no. engine dimensions
LxWxH (mm)
HPU-01-0700   77-7730CE* gasoline 4.3 KW 720x490x490 52
HPU-02-0700 77-7700CE gasoline 4.3 KW 590x430x450 63

*77-7730CE is equipped with an extra oil-filter 


Hydraulic Hose Kit

  part no. HHK-01-03 HHK-01-05 HHK-01-06 HHK-01-10 HHK-01-15 HHK-01-20
  ZECK GmbH part no. 77-7431CE 77-7432CE 77-7437CE 77-7433CE 77-7434C 77-7435CE
  length m 3 5 6 10 15 20
  weight Kg 3.4 4.5 5.0 7.9 10.8 14.3