New Generation of Pulling Grips or Wire Baskets

April 30, 2021
By Administrator

We are pleased to announce that we finalized the development and testing  of a new generation of Pulling Grips.  Pulling Grips (or wire baskets, mesh grips, pulling socks) are of paramount importance for safety during the stringing process. Linesmen – always young and often with families - frequently need to stay on conductors which are held in the air only by Pulling Grips. Any failure on them will let these people fall into the depth with certain loss of their life.

Inspite of the extreme demand on safety, Pulling Grips are usually manufactured by small makeshift companies without strict quality control procedures. Having this in mind we developed our own range of Pulling Grips with a set of safety features which to our knowledge no other manufacturer has implemented so far:

  1. for the vitally important compression of the Pulling Grips we developed a PLC-controlled compression aggregate. This aggregate

    a) monitors and records the compression pressure
    b) ensures that the correct ferrule is being used and
    c) ensures that the correct compression force has been applied.

    All three aspects are registered in a compression protocol for the respective Pulling Grip.

  2. Each Pulling Grip is assigned with an individual serial number. This serial number is engraved on the compression ferrule. The serial number is linked to the respective compression protocol.

  3. The wires of which we braid them are  manufactured by the excellent wire rope manufacturer who also supplies the wire strands for our braided ropes. The longstanding relation with them helped us in the development of this new product much.

  4. The breaking strength of our new Pulling Grips is significant above most other Pulling Grips available in the market.

  5. A well-known British manufacturer consulted us throughout the development process.