New 5 tons Bullwheel Puller

June 16, 2021
By Administrator

We are proud to announce the official launch of our 5-ton capacity Bullwheel Puller PUL-01-05 with rope storage drum, hydraulic reelwinder and rope level wind.

This machine is designed for heavy tower erection, cable pulling and other pulling or lifting works.  Being a Bullwheel Puller it has striking advantages in comparison with drumwinches, as they often used particularly for tower erection:  the maximum rated pullforce is constantly available throughout the pull-process because it is independent on how many layers of rope are wound on the drum.

For safety, the machine is equipped with an overload shutdown system, a feature which is usually not available on drumwinches.

Last not least, the wear and tear on the pulling rope is much less than on any drumwinch. The machine is simple to operate and maintain.  Very shortly we will finish prototypes with a rigid axle chassis and even with a hydraulic crawler chassis. We supply this machine also with road-worthy chassis.