Director's letter to the obituary of our longtime friend, partner and collaborator Mr. Swamy

February 01, 2022
By Administrator


Last Friday at 2:30 p.m. our longtime friend, partner and collaborator Swamy (full name Lalgudi Vaidyanathan Krishna Swamy) passed away very unexpectedly. He was born on September 17, 1945 in Hyderabad. After completing his engineering studies and gaining initial experience in employed positions, he founded his own logistics company at an early stage, specializing in national and international relocations of production facilities.

We got to know Swamy in 2002 when he ran the representative office for the south Indian market for our Indian agent Pradman Engineering Services. Swamy was a charismatic salesperson. He was therefore very much involved in our success story in India. He was in charge of initiating the numerous large transactions with our customers Larsen & Toubro and Tata Projects and many others.

After Swamy left Pradman in 2015, we were able to convince him to put his creative power at the service of Zeck TSE. It was obvious that he would organize and oversee Zeck TSE's move to the newly built factory. From his home in Hyderabad, he worked very successfully on the markets in the Middle East and Egypt until the very end.

Finally, in 2018, Swamy founded our Indian branch company Zeck Power & Rail in Hyderabad. He has managed this company very successfully since day one.

Swamy's energy and creativity was extraordinary up until his last hour. He was also a very humorous person: when asked what the secret was behind his never-ending agility, he once answered: two whiskeys a day and a pack of cigarettes.

First and foremost, Swamy was a loving family man. He is survived by his wife Usha, with whom he celebrated 50 years of marriage last year, his daughter Pooja, his son Karthik and 2 teenage granddaughters Meenu and Neeha.


We are mourning a huge loss.


Dirk Braun-Friderici

(Managing Director)

Zeck TSE International Ltd.