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Model No: GPI and GPE (F5-500). Category: .

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Ginpoles are used for the erection of transmission line or telecom towers.Together with lifting winches they function similar to crane arms. Once the tower has been erected up to a certain height, the Ginpole is lifted and anchored within the tower structure for further erection until the complete tower is mounted. We fabricate Ginpoles made of high tensile aluminium with safe lifting loads from 10KN up to 50KN.
The standard lengths of our Ginpoles range between 8 and 20 meters. Standard wise we produce Ginpoles with Internal Rope Guidance System, which has integrated pulleys for the guidance of the rope. Upon request we also produce Ginpoles with external rope guidance system. We also produce longer Ginpoles length upon request. Different length are available upon request.



Gin Pole attachments – Internal type

454265T FG5445 DFGG456



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