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Suspension Ladders

Model No: SLA (F5-100). Category: .

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screenshot14These ladders are designed to be used in hanging position at the tower-cross arms for performing works, for instance at the insulator chains.
They can be used also as anchoring ladders if supplied with the optional foldable conductor hook or tower- and conductor hook (SLA-00-02 or SLA-00-03). On the left side the suspension ladders are equipped with a guide rail for the optional available anti-fall system (SLA-00-01). The tower hook is made of galvanized steel and equipped with a safety chain to prevent accidental fall down of the ladder.
The ladder itself is a welded structure of first grade extruded aluminum pipes. The rungs are corrugated for slip protection. The working load in hanging position is 3 KN. If used as anchoring ladder (with optional SLA-00-02 or SLA-00-03) the maximum allowable working load is 1KN. Dif ferent dimensions are available upon request.











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