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Our company was incorporated in the year 2010 as “Zeck (Thailand) Ltd.” with the objective to manufacture highly specialized equipment for the electric power transmission line construction industry. From the beginning on we are closely affiliated to Zeck GmbH, a German mechanical engineering company with almost 100 years of experience and expertise in machine building.

Engineering, Sales and Administration are based in our Bangkok Head office. Our manufacturing plant is located in Chonburi province, 80 km east of Bangkok. This is an ideal location because of its proximity to the deep-seaport “Laem Chabang” as well as to our main suppliers. We found there a very hardworking, diligent and loyal workforce of currently approx. 100 people.

During our initial years we operated in rented factory halls. In 2015 we started to build our own factory on a 16,000 m2 piece of land. September 2016 finally marked the transfer to this new location, which has been designed exclusively for our requirements. In the current first phase we do have 4,000 m2 production area plus a spacious warehouse and office building. Together with the factory building we changed also our company name. In order to include our product range – TSE for Tension Stringing Equipment – as well as to express our worldwide market presence we changed the name into “Zeck TSE International Ltd.”


Thailand represents an excellent manufacturing base because of multiple reasons. We found a highly skilled and quality conscience workforce, of which many have been trained through world-class Japanese companies, who dominate the international industrial landscape in Thailand.

Another factor is the strong automotive industry in Thailand, which is providing us with a very high quality supply chain in the field of metal working.

Of further benefit is a liberal business legislation as well as very attractive promotion schemes for foreign investment. Zeck TSE International Ltd. is a Thai Board of Investment promoted company. This status gives us an extra competitive edge because we are able to pass on many of its beneficial privileges directly to our customers. All this combined with the intensive technical support by Zeck GmbH helped Zeck TSE International Ltd. in its phenomenal development since 2010.


Together with Zeck GmbH we manufacture the complete product range which is required for transmission line construction. While Zeck GmbH concentrates on the manufacture of Tension Stringing Machines, Zeck TSE International Ltd. produces tools and equipment associated with these machines.

In our wire rope braiding section we produce twist-resistant steel wire ropes, which are an essential tool used by installers to pull heavy electrical power conductors over transmission line towers.

In our aluminium fabrication section we produce various equipment which is used by Linesmen for the safe erection of transmission towers, installation of insulator chains, jointing of electricity conductors. Installation of line spacers and further service works on power transmission lines.

In our steel fabrication division we make drum stands, pulling grips and soon also a service drum winch for tower erection.




Our products underlie a very strict quality scrutiny by Zeck GmbH. As an Asian based company we are often confronted with the wrong apprehension of producing low cost and low quality.  We fight against this by striving to produce the very best quality at yet competitive price levels.   Our production methods and quality practices are since 2012 enhanced by ISO9001:2008 certification, which harmonizes our quality control system and business-flows with international standards. Our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with European Standards. This provides an extra assurance to customers of our commitment to manufacture the highest quality and the best performing products available in the industry.

Click here to view ISO 9100: 2008 certificate


The development of Zeck TSE International Ltd. in recent years has surpassed even our wildest dreams. We will continue to optimize our production and widen our product range further.

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OUR TEAM in November 2015 in front of the construction of our new factory

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